Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cardigans & Hooded Jackets & Vests

C12 Cardigan
Retail : RM40
Bulk : RM20
Colors : Light Pink, Pink, Dark Pink, Dark Grey,
White(Sold Out), Light Blue
Info :
Fits S-L, Thick Cotton.

C10(e) 2-Way Vest
Retail : RM45
Bulk : RM22
Colors : D.grey 
(Sold Out)
, Grey, P.Grey
(Sold Out)
, L.Grey.
Info : Cotton, White Sleeveless Top Included.

Way 1
Way 2

C10(d) Slip-On Cardigan
Retail : RM48
Bulk : RM24
Colors : White, Light Grey
Info : Cotton, Stripes Sleeveless Top Included.

C10(f) Bell Sleeve Sleeve Cardigan
Retail : RM44
Bulk : RM22
Colors : Grey, White.
Info : Cotton, Stripes Sleeveless Top Included.

C10(c) Half Quarter Sleeve Cardigan
Retail : RM48
Bulk : RM24
Colors: Black, Pale Grey, Grey, White, Dark Grey, Light Grey.
Info : Cotton, Stripes Sleeveless Top Included.

Neon Hoodie *Stock Clearance

Retail/Bulk :RM 45 RM10 NOW!!
Color : Pink, White
(Sold Out)
, Yellow
Info :Soft Cotton, Stretchable, comfortable material, best paired with bright colored tops.

Hoodie *Stock Clearance
Retail/Bulk :RM45 RM20 NOW!!
Color : 
 1) Blue  (L, XL

(Last piece)
2) Pink  (L, XL)
3) Green (L

(Last piece)
, XL)
Info : Different Colors have different designs on fabric, There are Sizes for these jackets.  Very Special Material, It is imported from Korea


  1. hi there, was just wondering if you have any plain black hoodie of thicker material at a reasonable price?

  2. Hi, you can view more of our hoodie collection at facebook

  3. hi,i was wondering at what amount do you consider it as buying in bulk?

  4. Is the C10(e) 2-Way Vest still for sale? Any colour.

  5. They all are nice but i like the most Slip-On Cardigan and Half Quarter Sleeve Cardigan :)

  6. All images are looking nice in beautiful cardigans & hooded jackets & vests.


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